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proud of her. >> she wanted strit told. >> i ep don't want anyone to go through this, i suffered from it on a daily basis. i have to live with this for the rest of my life. >> this she and her mother fear retaliation and that was a condition of the interview. ace gave us the interview we edited down for the story. that is unleaveable. police combing through a park looking for evidence after the body of a girl was found there today. this body found near a gazebo. laura? >> hi, dan, well just within the past two, three minutes police here gave us a stunning update. they reported that they have
5:01 pm
identified this teen-aged girl that she's in fact a missing young girl from sassoon city reported just yesterday. reporting missing by her guardin or parents. she did not return from school. police say they have now made a connection that that missing girl is the girl whose body was found here this morning. police say a passerby flagged down a patrol officer at 6:45 in the morning to point out the body of a teen-aged girl apparently dumped in the middle of a parking lot. >> we haven't been able to identify her as anyonelett. could within her teens, from 19 down to 12. >> rick says his friend found the body. >> yes. he found her and said she was tell she was not alive. >> investigators say sl tl was
5:02 pm
no identification. police would not confirm accounts the body was nude. jack davie says he saw a sus spishus car in the park at 5:00 in the morning. >> i drive by and see a car parked in the parking lot here, there was a large man standing in front of it just standing there. and it just looked... odd to me. >> not far from the crime scene tape this mother was at the park with her children. >> i live around the corn jer i come to this park every day with my kids. and to that is very sad. >> terrible thing. i wish you were here whit happened so you can get the people who did it within minutes a police detective arrived here and announced this young girl is a missing teenager from sassoon reported
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missing just yesterday afternoon when she did not return from school. they have her identity. they're trying to determine the cause of death. in fairfield abc 7. >> police chief defended officers today one day after a quarterly report by a monitor details how officers pointed loaded guns at a 19-month-old child. the chief claims the report misrepresented what happened. >> idea that my officers are pointing a gun at almsx 19-year-old- -- 19-month-old are factually incorrect. i stand by what the officers did. >> he added officers took steps to protect the child as conducting this search and that included one officer staying with the baby to protect the child from harm until the raid was finished.
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>> santa clara county confirmed two homeless men died last month from the flu. the number of flu cases continue to rise throughout california. the flu claimed 14 lives state wide, this winter. experts point out flu season hasn't even reached it's peak yet. officials stress a flu shot is the best defense and not too late to get one. >> a milestone today on wall street. dow jones close add above 14,000, market watchers divided about what that milestone means. some believe it will attract smaller investors who haven't been buying stock because of fear of what happened. others believe it's overhyped and ready to fallen. there is a look at the numbers.
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nasdaq and s and p 500 finished the week on a positive note as well. frustration for bank of america customers. the web site has been down most of the day. smart phone app also crashed. the problem has not affected atms. >> heading into weekend soup weekend. coaches held a joint news conference. >> well, they are brothers. and also talked about inunder the influences their competitive spirit had on this contest. larry? >> yes. all about mom, super bowl 47 is the har-bowl and brothers took the stage together todaytqt for a news conference.
5:06 pm
jim wearing a black sweat skmirt khaki pants. brothers may not dress alike. one thing they do share is love for their mom who they say is the most competitive member of the family. >> nobody has more competitive fire than my mother. and she competes like a maniac. i've learn that had is that. and she's just always believed in us. she believed in me. and john and joey. and took us to games. and... played catch with us. and shot basket was us. just -- believed in us. >> no one would fight for for us than our mom and teach us how to be there for one another. she made it clear that we were
5:07 pm
to have each other's back no matter what. another thing a smart thoughtful lady. you know, we might have been talking football with dad in the basement but mom talking about you know, world affairs and history and things going on in 70s in our world. mom is tuned into those things that brought up conversations and helped make us more well round people. >> love the line, "mom kmeets kpeets like a maniac". abc 7 news reporter joins us live now with more on the banjo man. wayne? 9! the banjo man. we're on the deck of a restaurant looking down with game two days away.
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game tickets $2,000 or up, imagine not knowing if you'd see the game.b7 >> in new orleans, music any time, any place from one guy... from night time... sunshine, no matter, if it's possible to paint streets with music this would be the place. ha÷ they formed a band one time? >> very, very cloud he's back. big easy just tilted.
5:09 pm
>> you might call this an act of 49er faithfulness and then some from an icon. believe it or not he came to new orleans without a ticket. >> they gave you tickets sfrit. >> to home games but never to the super bowl. and maybe this time. >> even a san francisco institution, it seems must stick to a budget. >> with that will he play himself? >>. ♪ [ music ] . >> when it gets down here and
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into the crowd he's going to fit right in. it's worth noting he's been to 10 super bowls and every that the 49ers won. he says, i'm not going tempt fate. he says he's got to get n he's waiting. >> thank you, wayne we're going to get jed work and safe to say is a former icon just like this guy. and abc 7 has a snap shot from our conversation. we'll have the interview coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> millions of dollars will be wagered and some bets will involve harbaughs, these are
5:11 pm
called proposition bets. and it will start with number of times that this name will be said during the telecast. so if the announcers say harbagh 22 ty&< you'd win that. you can also bet on the length of the post game;ñ1: handshake between brothers, think about this. over, under 7.5 seconds. number of times jack harbauh is during the game. reminds meef a story. in las vegas my youngest daughter is confused i'm trying to explain the spreads. couple people recognize me and say larry beil are you teaching your daughter how to gamble? and i said, well, kinld of. and they said yeah! father of the year!
5:12 pm
reporting live from new orleans, father of year, abc 7 sports. >> oh, brother. >> we'll see if that is a good thing when you get home, right? larry and mike shumann is spending a lot of time there we're retweeting and they'll be here all weekend. >> and turn to abc 7 news after the super bowl to see celebrations you're teams had in new orleans will be live on the air with a look at how fans are reacting. >> it's good stuff. >> not going miss it oo. right. >> coming up here, silicon valley still tops whit comes to innovation, how many patents workers cranked out in a year. >> and here we go again. health insurer raising rates by double digits before the health care reform takes
5:13 pm
affect. >> new efforts to put an tond this practice. abc 7 news
5:14 pm
if you thoughts your health insurance were high anthem blue cross is hitting hundreds of thousand was a double digit rate increase starting tomorrow. abc 7 news says consumer advocates are outraged and customers are stuck with skyrocketing bills. >> kayla was dreading the start of february. her premium skyrocketed from 635ses today nearly $800. >> i'm mad about it. i feel they're trying to take advantage of things before obama care takes affect. >> 730,000 californiains who buy private insurance saw an
5:15 pm
average 17.5% increase but some as much as 26% jump. consumer watch dog says this is the third and fourth rate haik from an insure surer. anthem says the industry had to raise rates not the only one. >> unfortunate, due to increasing medical costs and to people chr older and sicker we have to raise rates to cover cost autos with the hike, anthem says it's taking a 2.5% loss on this group. >> it's outrageous that... >> groups point out the industry found rate of inflation in the industry slowed questioning the need for double digit increases. >> i think what they have just done is perfect example ofnxpyx
5:16 pm
we need rate regulation in california. >> 15 states have no authority to control rates. an initiative is in the works to give the commissioner the power to reject rate hikes. she just wants to hang on until 2014 when people can buy it on a competitive exchange. >> hopefully it will lower the rates because of quantity of people should increase revenue to insurance companies. >> anthem blue cross says rates will be regulated where ensurers must spend 80 to 85 cents of every premium dollar on care. >> a new report says silicon valley still leads the way whit comes to innovation nationwide. a brookings survey shows santa clara county produced 12.5 patents per employee in 2012.
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that is remarkable. >> the weekend is here. question is, is the weather going to be great for us to sit and watch the super bowl? >> that is the key. >> many of you will be sitting inside and watching the game. but has been breezy at times. temperatures are falling. let me show you a live picture from our camera. i'm speechless. there is a shot of the setting sun. official times 5:34. looking at live doppler 7 hd, radar could be tracking rain early as next week. thewty end of next week. so changes coming up but not immediately.
5:18 pm
we've had low clouds developing around monterey bay. temperatures 63 in san francisco. 54 in half moon bay. your high temperatures this afternoon got up to 69 in napa.dcw4í 67 degrees in san jose. 64 in livermore so above normal and mild. cool tonight breezy at times, mild weekend with high clouds and a pattern change coming about next week. winter could be coming back before you know it. take advantage of the weather if you're going to the beach this weekend wanting to soak up sun there is something i do need to tell you about. beach hazard statement for high risk sneaker waves. this is up from tonight until sunday morning. stay away from water's edge. large waves are expected. and tochl morning chilly
5:19 pm
again. 34 in nappa. down to 40 in vallejo and antioch. 36 in livermore. so this set up tells it all. high pressure is a strong ridge. to the bay area just yet. here is what we're going to notice. filtered sun. high clouds coming in from the south. if you're planning to travel, partly cloudy. mid-60s. you know niners are sure to win, let's go, niners. high temperatures, 65 in san jose. san francisco, oakland 61 degrees.
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temperatures looking like this. 6s in monterey. not beach weather. accu-weather forecast spare the air day for groundhog day. temperatures rebounding and cooler each and every day. by thursday, a slight chance of rain. by friday possibility of rain with much cooler weather. sou know the saying... all good things must come to an end? but all good things don't have to come to an end this week weekend. goits tyke beautiful weekend. i'm sandhya patel. >> we'll worry about that later. >> right. >> thank you very much. >> other news of the day, wondering how to talk to kids about gun violence age appropriate for kids from our experts at sunday morning we're going to talk about becoming a responsible gun
5:21 pm
owner. i hope you will join me on abc 7. >> always a great program. >> thank you. >> and new at 6:00 a safe deposit box anything but safe. michael finney on a family heir lom loom that vanished with out a trace at 6:00.
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it's friday before super bowl. >> you haven't heard about it. looking for fun to head into the weekend. >> i my wrestle finney to the ground for this. look at this. >> yes. i know. >> pancakes and maple syrup. extra. and bacon on the side. >> hand that over. this right here is national pancake day on tuesday.+áezy and the 7 on your side office, that is our favorite holiday.
5:24 pm
international house of pancakes giving away a short stack to anyone that shows up they're going to ask you to donate money. yl
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this is "world news," tonight, rocket ride. the dow soaring toward an all-time high, a major milestone cracked tonight. but can you trust the latest boom? terror strike, a suicide bombing at the u.s. embassy in turkey.
5:29 pm
is this the new plan of attack for terrorists? breaking point. all those cars piling up on highways, tonight we learn giant trucks may be the trigger. we'll tell you what to do. and the main event, meet the newest wobbly member of a show business dynasty. something surprising about the stars bred for the super bowl. and a good evening to you this friday. we come on the air with a banner day on wall street, for the first time in five years wall street has cracked the 14,000 ceiling. and everyone is checking their retirement funds and asking, is this the signal that a boom is coming our way? abc's david muir is here to tell us is the roller coaster ride

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